Atlantic Coast Pipeline Resistance Ride



Hannah Beaman, University of Virginia
I’m riding for the people who are forced to watch their land be devastated at the hands of a fossil fuel industry that is actively working to devastate my future. I’m riding for the people who, due to the indifference of the same industry, can’t count on the safety of their drinking water, and for those whose communities are being taken over by sea water. And I’m riding for the people actively seeking alternatives to our reliance on that industry. #IBelieveThatWeWillWin

Tim Cotton, DivestUMW
I am Tim I graduate the day the ride begins and I am participating in the Resistance Ride because it is not right for oil and gas companies to destroy communities and as a climate activist working with DivestUMW I cannot sit idly by as these pipelines are built to contribute more to the climate crisis as well as destroy the local communities along the route.

Drew Gallagher, CCAN
My name is Drew Gallagher & I’m the Virginia Campus Organizer with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network! This May I’ll be combining my love of cycling with a desire for a future free of fossil fuels and embarking on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Resistance Ride!

Alexander Wolz, University of Virginia 
I am a bike fanatic and a proud member of UVA’s Climate Action Society.
I am pumped to be biking through our beautiful state to protest the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, but also to continue in creating a community of students and individuals across the state who want to work together on climate issues!

Anne Davis, William and Mary 
pcm meHey there! I’m Anne and a junior at the College of William & Mary studying Environmental Policy & Sociology. I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life, and want to see our state in all of its natural beauty not be run down by the dominant destruction of fossil fuel infrastructure and industry. I’m riding for all the communities who have organized and are struggling to fight this pipeline and for furthering a united student movement in solidarity. Together, we are willing to pedal power our bodies across the state to build people power to ride for justice and for a better, cleaner future.

IMG_4077Juliana Vas, University of Virginia                        I’m new to Virginia, coming from quite far away. I feel that environmental issues; especially ones to do with energy resources and local community impact are truly global and very much an issue that is faced for myself and my own local community back home. Because of this it has been an easy to feel connected to this issue. Even though it is physically so far from home, in my heart it is very close. Ironically biking across Virginia should help with my conversion from being an alien to being a ‘native’.

10628564_10154506941895534_9008521871508992692_nLaura Cross, University of Virginia    I was born and raised in this great state, and I am riding for no new fossil fuel infrastructure in Virginia as a member of the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition and UVA’s Climate Action Society. Fracking is destroying the lives of many people in our region. I am riding not only for our mountains and coastlines, but more importantly for our neighbors from the shalefields of West Virginia to those in Nelson and Augusta County.

Caroline Bray, University of Virginia 

10616621_906777102683905_5586131529064649306_nI am resistance riding because I want to help amplify the voices of those directly impacted by the pipeline and preserve the beautiful landscape of Virginia. It’s truly priceless and needs to be protected from destruction, especially when caused by fossil fuel industries.

biker photoScarlett Saunders, University of Virginia I am Scarlett, a second year college student at UVA and an avid lover of the outdoors. I am riding to speak out against climate change and those who perpetuate it. Moreover, I am riding to help local Virginia community members who may lose their land to this environmentally unsound pipeline voice their resistance.

Maria DeHart, University of Virginia 
I can’t wait to amplify the voices of all Virginians, especially those who are directly affected by Dominion and the ACP. I’m excited to bike through beautiful Virginia, getting my voice out and showing dissent against the fossil fuel industry!

Jennifer L Natyzak, University of Virginia 
I’m excited to cycle the countryside with the pedals beneath my feet and the people and lands affected by the potential construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in my heart and on my mind. During this ride I hope to meet inspiring individuals fighting ACP, educate Virginians about the pipeline, and maybe score some sore hamstrings.

Kendall E King- Sellars, University of Virginia 
My name is Kendall King and I am a first year at UVA! As a yo604104_583523448444108_9025772728500433580_nung person and an environmentalist, I believe new fossil fuel infrastructure continues our dependency on dirty, harmful energy. It’s time for a just transition to renewables!
                                                            Mitch Clem, James Madison University 
acp_picI love biking, chilling, and the great outdoors! Although I am not technically a part of an environmental organization, I have a lot of lovely friends who are and I always try to help out when I can. I’m excited to contribute to the team and learn more about the environmental issues that we face. Ride or die!

Sophie Schectman, University of Virginia 
I love the mountains.
I love the rolling hills.
I love the flowers.
I love the daffodils.So let’s keep them and let’s ride.
Resistance rideBriana Nolt, Eastern Mennonite University      I am a bike enthusiast. I have biked a lot of miles on my bike, but it will feel great to be riding for a such a great cause. I’m excited to make connections with people who share my concerns about protecting the environment as well.

Ryan Swartzentruber, Eastern Mennonite University
I’m a Junior at Eastern Mennonite University. I couldn’t pass up a chance to bike through gorgeous Virginia, and for a good cause nonetheless!

Jordan Luther,Eastern Mennonite University
I want to learn more about the pipeline and how it affects localities throughout Virginia. As a proud Virginian, I want to advocate for the state that I love and the people who live in it. This resistance ride is the perfect blend between education and advocacy. I can’t wait to take what I learn and share it with my home community to further the cause for climate justice!

Gabby Renae Levet, University of Virginia 
Although I am slightly unfamiliar with this topic, I am very passionate about helping the community and making a difference. I want to learn more about the environment and get more involved. I want to use this bike ride protest to gain more knowledge and broaden my horizons in the realm of sustainability and environmental issues.

Carolyn Pugh, University of Virginia 
I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life and love mountains, clean air, and clean water. I care deeply about our role in a shift to sustainable energy and environmental preservation, and I’m most excited to hear and share stories of people fighting against the creation of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

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