Atlantic Coast Pipeline Resistance Ride

Route & Itinerary

Our Itinerary:

  • Saturday, May 9th- gather in W. Augusta County outside White’s Wayside Diner
    • At-risk species tour (3:00pm), tour of pipeline crossing site (3:00pm), orientation, dinner (6:30pm, community members welcome!)
  • Sunday, May 10th – ride 43 miles to E. Augusta County
    • Dinner (6:00pm) and documentary screening (7:30pm) at Sherando Lake (community members welcome!)
  • Monday, May 11th – ride 16 miles to Nelson County
    • Depart Sherando at 2:00, head to Acorn Inn via Bold Rock Cider
    • Potluck and gathering at Acorn Inn (5:00pm, community members welcome!)
  • Tuesday, May 12th – ride 40 miles to Buckingham County
    • Stop by Spruce Creek farms
    • Dinner and music, etc at Yogaville (community members welcome!)
  • Wednesday, May 13th – ride 36 miles toward Goochland
    • Stay the night at Bear Creek Lake State Park
  • Thursday, May 14th – ride 40 miles in Goochland
    • Stay the night at Brookview Farm
  • Friday, May 15th – ride 21 miles to Richmond
  • Saturday, May 16th –  ride 30 miles to Charles City
    • Richmond action, stay the night at Memorial United Methodist Church
  • Sunday, May 17th – ride 25 miles to Williamsburg
    • Stay the night at houses in Williamsburg
  • Monday, May 18th – ride 40 miles to Carrollton
    • Stop by Surrey for a potluck, stay the night at house in Carrollton
  • Tuesday, May 19th – ride 25 miles into Norfolk
    • Head home!

Turn by turn route details (as of May 7th) can be found here:

  • Part I (W. Augusta to Bear Creek Lake State Park)
  • Click Part I!
  • Part II (Bear Creek to Richmond)
  • Click Part II!
  • Part III (Richmond to Norfolk)
  • Click Part III!

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